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Villa RainòFor many years the villa was the residence of the Li Destri family who originaly came from Spain, and had a prominent rote in Sicily in that period.

It was an old letter addressed to Antonio Li Destri, came of Villa Rainò that gove the present structure its name. many legends are told about the villa and its inhabitants.

There are stories of brigands that hid outside the main town and used tunnels under the villa that took them to safer places.

There are stories of great festivities organized in honour of renowned guests; like the reception in honour of the Zar visiting the Baron, or the lunch with Mussolini in the shade of “the Rotonda”.

There are stories of balls and conspiracies.

We don’t know just how much is true and how much is just fruit of collective imagination, for certain entire generations, day after day have designed the present form that has established the true identity and authenticity of the Villa.

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